Monday, September 19, 2011


I moved to a new apartment in a small town by the sea. It has a relatively big beach. It's very beautiful. I am so happy that I can hear waves at night. Since it is fall, waves are getting stronger every day. It's fantastic to see all foamy whitish water mingling with dark blue and green. Gosh, loving it.

I can also see stars at night. The town is far away from the city center. You know the big cities with all the lights covering the ground and the sky.

This town has a lot of wandering dogs. They're not barking much. They seem to be friendly. You know dogs are sleepy during the day. I think they don't like the sunlight. But at night they wander around, it looks like they are lost souls.

This town has also a sad history which I will tell you later. A gist of it: many of the local people had to move to another country after the WW1.

On the first two days I took a few photos (the sea was very calm on those days). Here they are:

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