Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touristing in Sile

Today (March 18, 2012) is a warm and sunny Sunday. I took advantage of this and wandered around Sile. Since I went to the port yesterday and I liked it (see this blog entry), I went to the same direction. I was about to go down to the port then changed my mind and went to the right. Say, to the other side of the hill. I felt like a tourist though, took a lot of photos.

Here are the selection of those photos.

On top of the hill, there is a very big park, probably built upon remnants of an old castle:

Another small rocky island full of seagulls and cormorants, it was very windy at the edge (can you see the ship far far away?):

Cool cormorants:

 Say hi to the lighthouse:

Giants rocks and little people:

There are cliffs:

Beautiful colors:

Would you like to go down the hill from the park?

 Yes you can!

 Be careful, I said to the little boy, because the rocks are slippy. His father didn't care much.

A very old horse carriage, for tourists, of course :)

There were a couple of old ladies picking up some grass. I asked them whether they were picking "mancar" up. They said yes smiling. I think they were surprised that someone like me (wearing eye-glasses, probably well-educated, from the City) knew the name of the grass. Oh, the flags were there because today is the 18th of March, commemoration of Gallipoli War (1915).

Here is the port full of small ship, boats, and "taka"s, fishing boats:

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