Sunday, November 13, 2011

Darkness inside out

I have been working on this painting, Darkness inside out, for a couple of days now. Here is its story:

Last holiday, I stopped by Mephisto, not Goethe's Mephisto :) but a chain of bookstores, in Kadikoy. There I was sitting alone, looking for something to spend time on. I then pencil-drawed several things, see one of my previous posts.

A few days ago, I had time to start a new painting. While I was looking for an idea to begin with, I remembered where I sat in Mephisto. Now that I completed the painting, I felt that it doesn't look like that bookstore :) Anyways...

A few photos are the following. Note that the painting is a little bit darker and disproportional on purpose than it looks in the photos:

A few close-ups for interested guys:

If you wanna see, the very beginning of Darkness inside out, here are two photos: