Saturday, March 24, 2012

The lighthouse in Sile

Today is Saturday. I woke up unusually late around 11am this morning. I think spring has finally come to Sile.
It's a sunny and warm day. I thought I could walk around. Last time I stopped by the old castle (see this post). I decided to go to the lighthouse built in 1856. From downtown to the lighthouse it takes about 20 mins by walk. Here is where I left the last time, you can actually see the lighthouse, on the other side of the small bay and on top of a cliff, in this photo:

And this is the destination:

Here are the photos I took on the way. Surprisingly, there were a few people swimming in the bay -- hmmm, I don't think the sea was warm enough to swim, though :)

Apparently, there is one of the many caves underneath the hill, where I just took the first photo. I wonder why there are those weird shaped caves around here.

There are trails everywhere. Next time, I will take the trail in the photo:

Nice colors:

The big building on the left is a hotel. It is on the cliff and supported by concrete columns all the way down. Is that wise?

Here is the lighthouse at the end of a narrow street.

The men and women in white were apparently members of Yoga Academy according to their suits :)

Oh dear! The lighthouse is smaller than I thought. But it still does its job :)

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