Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TV shows I am watching these days

Summer TV is a little bit different from Fall and Spring. There are a few returning shows that I am still watching:

Perception (season 2)

The Newsroom (season 2)

I am impressed by both although they are totally different from each other. Perception is about a schizophrenic neuroscience professor helping FBI to solve crimes. The Newsroom is about a group of people including the anchorman working at a TV station / news agency. They use the real news, touching upon political issues, and everyday life crisis.

The new shows I am watching:

Crossing Lines

King and Maxwell


Under the Dome

Crossing Lines is something like a European FBI show. King and Maxwell is a revival of old genre, like Moonlighting, in which two private investigators solve crimes. Twisted is Psycho meets high-school adolescents. Under the Dome, a Stephen King novel, is a mystery sci-fi show. Among them, Under the Dome seems promising -- I think it is going to be successful like Lost. I would be surprised if it ends like Flashforward.

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