Sunday, November 6, 2011


Let me say this, it was a wonderful day while I was working on this painting, Seclusion. I was listening to the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack, which is fantastic. Seclusion is neither related to the show nor the music, though.

When I started working on the composition, I was planning to have a very dark background, a black tree, a person sitting, and a fire. The fire was going to be the only light source with the exception of stars here and there. When the figures began to emerge, I wanted to receive Beril's ideas about it. Then, I showed it to her on gtalk and skype. She couldn't see the figures clearly. The tree, for instance, was so dark.

Yesterday night, then, I started working on the tree from scratch. I wish to have it luminous. I hope I could give that impression. Enjoy!

Here are some photos including close-ups.

ps. From my facebook status: "I have been listening to Battlestar Galactica soundtrack while painting called 'Seclusion'... loved it... photos will be uploaded tomorrow :P"